Employment Opportunities

Big Picture Twin Cities (BPTC) is an innovative public charter middle school opening in Brooklyn Center. BPTC incorporates the nationally acclaimed Big Picture Learning (BPL) design of a small, highly personalized learning environment with a rigorous, college-focused cross-disciplinary approach.

The following positions are open for employment at BPTC. To apply please e-mail cover letter and resume (including current licensure status) to director@bigpicturetwincities.org.




  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Current Minnesota teaching license or variance
  3. Experience with diverse student populations


  1. Urban teaching experience
  2. Demonstrated success in increasing student achievement
  3. Project-based learning experience
  4. Restorative practices experience
  5. Dual license in Special Education, ESL, Counseling or Social Work
  6. Dual or multiple language proficiency


  1. One Student at a Time: Teachers will enact BPL’s “One Student at a Time” philosophy by individualizing educational experiences for each student.
  2. College Preparatory Mindset:Teachers will have high academic and behavioral expectations for all students regardless of their race or socio-economic background.  They expect that all of their students are on track to apply and be accepted into four-year colleges upon high school graduation.
  3. Data-Driven Philosophy:Teachers commit to data-driven decision-making in their instructing and their advising.
  4. Whatever It Takes Orientation:Teachers will assume personal responsibility for all that is in their control in order to ensure high levels of student achievement and development.
  5. Creativity: Teachers will demonstrate creativity and promote creativity among students.
  6. Teamwork: Teachers will actively participate in an inclusive learning and leadership team focused on developing and maintaining caring and supportive relationships. Teachers will also develop inclusive teams focused on developing and maintaining caring and supporting relationships through advisory.


Under the direction of the director and in collaboration with BPTC staff, a BPTC teacher/advisor is responsible for supporting and guiding students by teaching a core subject area and leading an advisory. Teachers/advisors are also expected to play an active role in supporting the operations and administration of the school.


As Teacher:

  1. Plan and implement effective instruction and assessment in core licensure area (ELA, math, science, social studies, ELL, SpEd) in alignment with state standards.
  2. Use data from interim assessments and other formal and informal sources to adjust and direct instruction.
  3. Tailor instruction to meet individual student strengths, needs and interests.
  4. Collaborate with advisors, administrators, students and families to ensure each student receives the support he or she needs.
  5. Maintain accurate, complete and factual records on each student.
  6. Facilitate student learning outside of the school building.

As Advisor:

  1. Develop Learning Plans for each student in collaboration with students, teachers, administrators and families.
  2. Develop caring and supportive relationships with students and families.
  3. Develop and support advisories that embody the BPTC core values of Respect for Individuals, Respect for Community, Asset-Based Development, Self-Efficacy and Self-Advocacy.
  4. Facilitate four Parent-Student-Advisor meetings per year.
  5. Celebrate student accomplishment and hold students accountable to goals and standards.
  6. Advocate for, and on behalf of, students and families.
  7. Be available to students and families for education-related purposes outside of the traditional school day (within reason).
  8. Use data to forecast the educational and social needs of each student.
  9. Maintain accurate, complete and factual records on each student.
  10. Monitor and share student progress, educationally and socially, to parents, students and staff.
  11. Implement restorative justice practices to mediate student-student conflict and student-staff conflict.
  12. Facilitate mentor searches and monitor student-mentor relationships.
  13. Facilitate additional educational/health services for students as needed (tutoring, counseling, nursing, etc.).


  1. In collaboration with the director, design and implement a Professional Learning Plan.
  2. Monitor students when on school property.
  3. Attend staff meetings, professional development trainings, data analysis days, etc.
  4. Seek and learn from feedback to improve performance and professional competence.
  5. Arrive on time.
  6. Support the administrative or operational work of the school.


  1. Salary: competitive and commensurate with experience + comprehensive benefits package
  2. Start Date: August 14, 2017
  1. Application: please e-mail cover letter and resume (including current licensure status) to director@bigpicturetwincities.org